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Posted:27 Dec 2008
Catch up Time

I know I have not been posting often as I like. I had been busy lately, especially with a snow storm and work.

First I originally wanted to do a big post on Hello Kitty fans who are males. But it is not coming together as I wanted to. In looking at boards and forums like from mid 1990’s to 2000’s, Sanrio Town forum, and Hello kitty Junkies, I can say certainty I am not the only male kittyler. In observing men who join the forums, they are a small minority of male fans who actually collect and display, sometime publicly, Hello Kitty and Sanrio items. For example on Hello Kitty Junkies, they are four of us. One who is very interesting because he has an inside track into Sanrio USA and displays prototypes and celebrity produced memorabilia.

Other than that I need to introduce the new additional my collection: Meet Big Kitty.

25in tall and 20in wide.

Posted:10 Nov 2008
Quest for Kitty (coffee cup)

Toady after church I drove down town to Pioneer Place food court for a furmeet. A furmeet is where we furries get to get for friendship, touch bases, talk, and maybe a planed activity like going to a movie. I had a good time and the group broke up around 2:00pm and on the way out I notice the new Portland Oregon down town Sanrio store is now open. I am surprised the new store was opened with very little fanfare. I checked the news daily. The store has a good section of items and plushies. I was looking for a new HK coffee cup for home but only two commuter cups were to be found. I picked up a sheet of raised stickers to accessorize my con-badge and anything else I get my hands on.

Still wanting a coffee cup, and not wanting to wait till the Washington Square store to open in winter, I went to Small Surprise, the Sanrio affiliate store in Beaverton and found this cup, no really what I wanted; the Hello Kitty head cup was too small. The clerk who ran the store was male about late fifties early sixties; he had to wear the apron. I tried to strike up a conversation to see if he is one of us. He just rambled on like he is not all there so I just left it at that.

Other than that I have no news except I was part of the HKO Founders Beta and stayed on till the last minute and my new Kitty I won off EBay came in. I found out it a build a bear kitty but the bow is missing.

Other old new: I attended Rainforest; a Furry Convention in Seattle in late September. I had a great time a visited a Sanrio store Belleview. I even brought up one of my Hello Kitties for the ride.

MY Hell Kity Haul
My Hello Kitty Haul

My Hello Kitty Plushie from my hotel room at Rainfurrest.

Posted:03 Sep 2008
Sinking deeper into Kittydom

It been getting unusually cold in Portland lately I had to break out the blankets, one of my old comforter is ratty and has to be thrown out. I know I am sinking deeper in to Kittydom when I start look at Hello Kitty comforters as a replacement. (I most likely will do it)
Other than that, I was at Kumoricon the Anime convention at Portland over the Labor Day holiday weekend. It was a blast, I simply sat down checked the continuous parade of cosplayers, check the cosplay masquerade show, AMV and other viewings. I need to put Death Note on my viewing list. On down time I hung out in the art room practicing what I was learning in the Manga drawing panels. My only gripe was the long line to get in. and the rather unorganized “How to draw Manga style” panels. Not much Hello Kitty viewing saw only two bags and the dealers den did not have much in HK stuff. Next on the list is Rainfurrest the Furry Fandom convention in Seattle, the game plan is head up on Thursday, check out the Sanrio store in Belleview and hanging out my old haunts the con on weekend.

Posted:03 Sep 2008
Spelling is it Kittyer or Kittyler

First of all here is the original page, via the internet
Click to See Original Page
“About Kittyler
In Japanese, putting “-ler” is slung borrowed from English “-er”. ‘Kittyler’ is a new Japanese word for Hello Kitty fan. Hello Kitty have originally loved by little kids, but since 1997 she have got much favor of high school girls or more elder women. Newly called ‘Kittyler’ are they. Sanrio looked this chance and launched many goods designed for elder. They received great reward. In United States there are many ‘Kittyler’, too. Hello Kitty as original Kid’s character is well known in an almost whole world. ”

This is one’s Japaneses translation into English so I suspect some of the meaning is lost. This explains the clumsy sentence structure and his use of words.

I wondering should Kittyer be used in the same way widower is masculine word for widow? I did a quick search on Google and found both Kittyer and Kittyler being used. Personally I prefer Kittyler because it rolls on the tongue better than Kittyer

Posted: 21 Aug 2008
10 Questions for Yuko Yamaguchi

“Catherine G. Pilie, Covington, La.
In 10 years’ time, everybody around the world will know her. Also, the number of male and female fans will be the same. Men who are still reluctant to be seen with Kitty in public today might be wearing Hello Kitty boxers. But they will eventually stop being shy and will show off Kitty proudly.”

10 Questions for Yuko Yamaguchi
Time Magazine online 21 Aug 2008

Click to Read the Rest

Gasp! That’s makes me a pioneer.

Then again I have some mixed feelings. I do so because I am a furry lifestyler second I always been eccentric. I may go out and be more public i.e. replace the 48″ Dot Warner plush with a similar size hello kitty in my truck and put more hello kitty items in my apartment.
Unless there a major shift product and strategy or the colleges are successful in emasculate men and boys (something I am adamantly against) I do not see Hello Kitty growing very much among men. I think Ms. Yamaguchi is caught in the mantra that there is no difference between males and females.

Posted: 17 Aug 2008
This Will Never Fly in The US.

To make a long story short I was doing some hedging that is bidding on two Hello Kitty plushies because I know I could win with a low bid but not both. I predicted the large plushie would go up to mid thirties, more than I was willing to pay. The result I won both with low bids. The bad news is one of them was “lost” in the mail. So I decided to look for a replacement on EBay, because one cannot have enough plushies. I decided for fun to look at what else for sale, Hello Kitty Bedding anybody. But my eyes popped out when I saw Hello Kitty Ashtray and Lighter.


Only in Asia could sombody get away with this, I am not sure this is an offecial Sanrio product.I remember how R J Reynolds got racked over the coals over Joe Camel. Just wait untill the anti smoking Gestapo and jackpot suing lawyers get a hold of this. It shows the difference between US and Asia.

Do get me wrong I am against smoking but I feel we do not need prohibition, greedy lawers, or kangaroo courts.

Posted: 17 Aug 2008
Web Site Update.

I mostly finished except trying to out how to display the Hello Kitty Background image. In the future I will try to automate the kittler mews into a blog. Send me mail or any comments or tips of things to cover.

Posted: 10 Aug 2008
Why This Page

Fist of all what is a Kittyler?
While search the Internet I stumbled on a defunct page by a Japanese male Hello Kitty Fan. He described a Kittyler as a conjoining of two Japanese words is intrepid to Kittler in English.

Why This Page?

After reading the account of this person I decide to take up the mantel and resurrect the Adult male Kittyler page.

What is your involvement with Hello Kitty ?

1980’s I was station in Japan I leaned about Hello Kitty but this though much of it. I was expose to the Japanese idea of Kawaii (cuteness).

2004: During my foray into Ebay, I bought a lot of toys from a store closing sale. My most successful were Hello Kitty Plush all sold exposed one which become my trophy of my firs successful Ebay campaign. During this time I caught a replay of CSI: Fur and Loathing, it gave a distorted view of furry fandom but after learning the truth I realized furriness is something I want to get into.

2006: Came out furry.

2008: After become more comfortable as a grown man in collecting plushies, I decide to add a Fairy Hello Kitty, while very huggable I bought another Large Hello Kitty off Ebay. I guess Hello Kitty grows on you.