Hello Kitty Gun Used to Spread Gun Story Misinformation

Hey media do not pin tragedy on Hello Kitty

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In a CNN I report  reports ” “Toy “Hello Kitty”AR-15, results in a 3 year old child’s death”  The problem is the story is a lie.

“In an article dated February 10, 2013 in the Houston Chronicle, states in an instance this month regarding the attached picture of a “Hello Kitty” AR-15 toy Assault Rifle was mistaken for the real thing, as a result, there was a shooting death of a 3 year old child in Greenville, SC.It’s this I-Reporters opinion that this kind of manufacturing of a toy AR-15 crosses the line. Something like this should not be happening, but yet it did. These type of manufacturers should be ashamed of themselves for making such a toy weapon.”

In a popup the story refers to a Greenville story of a three why killed by a gun by his sister who found a pink handgun gun unsecured in her grandmas home not a Hello Kitty AR-15 .


While sad and tragic, Houston Chronicle had pick up the story for its hit piece on gun ownership Marketing assault: Selling women on guns the original post shows a Pink Hello Kitty AR-15 with the caption “In one instance, a weapon like this ‘Hello Kitty’ AR-15 assault rifle was mistaken for a toy, which resulted in a death.”  This story was picked up by cnn.

The Houston Chronicle story chock full logical fallacies and a propaganda piece for the anti gun crowd. The owner of the Hello Kitty AR-15, David Christian, chimes in, calling Houston Chronicle    on the mat.

“The pink Hello Kitty rifle pictured above is NOT anything like the firearm that was involved in the referenced accidental shooting. I know for a fact because the rifle pictured above belongs to my wife as i built it for her. It is safely in our possession and I am frankly kind of outraged that it it’s image was used to push this inaccurate story!”

Caught in their bold faced lie Houston Chronicle changed the story picture

Now You see itNow You see it

Now you Dont

Now you don’t

Read more: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Marketing-assault-Selling-women-on-guns-4265594.php

Furthermore Sanrio forbids licensing of sharp objects, drugs, guns and hard alcohol and cigarettes. Hello Kitty guns are ether fakes, art installations or custom jobs not retail products. As a huge Hello Kitty fan and support of gun rights I find both offensive that the Houston Chronicle sinks so low to defame both.

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