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My name is Acton Rand Shafer but you can call me Acton (B 13 September 1960) I am a furry who resides of Peoples Republic of Portland Oregon. I joined the fandom in 2006 but had knowledge of the existence of the fandom since 1999.

In real life I am an Individualist and Capitalist with Objectivist leanings and I was  active in the Republican Party now registered independent . I am a Christian fur but prefer to associate myself as an Anglican who is Anglican in worship and Reformed / Calvinist in doctrine. I am fan and collector of Sanrio memorabilia and Hello Kitty in particular. I am play on the Hello Kitty MMO ; I am known as Acton on Hello Kitty MMO. Inspired by Furry artist, I took up drawing in 2007 and attend classes at a local community college. I am strictly draws traditional furry and non furry art.

Acton was created as a Black Bear because real life friends accused him of showing bear like tendencies. Acton name was created by combining philosophers and thinkers that have real life impact in Action’s life: Lord Acton, Ayn Rand, and Francis Shafer. In Acton’s furry world Black Bears are a minority and consider Liberal Democrats but Acton befuddled his parents and friends when he became a Conservative Republican after serving in the military. Acton works as a Conservative activist and Conservative talk show host. The later by accident when the host who was interviewing Acton had an on air mental breakdown and held the station hostage until arrested.

Warning I can be very opinionated but open to dialog, do accuse me to bring drama to the community because I am my own and not part of your community, you’re free not to read.

Decode my furcode:
FUB3adw A+ C+ D+++ H- M- P++++ R+ T- W– Z- Sm– RLU a++ cln++ d? e+ f+ h- iwf+ j+ p sm-

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