This is How I Roll

 On Furtopia there an old post abut how we furries live and decorate their rooms; why stop at my room when I have an aprtment. I took a few pictures when I had to clean up my aprtment.


Meet my New Kitty Jane Jetset (now you can stop telling me BAB has Hello Kitty ;) )

Jane Jetset

Many fellow furs were telling me at the meets about the availably of Hello Kitty at Build a Bear. Well fret no longer I finally bought one with the Christmas money I received. Her Name is Jan Jetset and will be my second Travel/Con kitty when I could not take my larger Hello Kitty with me to a fur con or one of the large SF or Anime conventions. One day I would like to attend out of state conventions like furry fiesta, where I have to fly rather than drive. I might keep her in my suitcase or even carry her aboard and use her as part of my trip reports. 

*perhaps If I get any extra money one day I may done of my fursona.

Sanrio The Furry Connection?

“Last Thursday night, 3,000 people mingled and marveled at life-size versions of Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Chococat. While one might be tempted to think it was a furry convention, it was actually the opening night of “Small Gift,” a celebration of all things Sanrio, ”
Oh no I wonder how long it would take before somebody tries to make a connection with Sanrio and Furry Fandom. The truth is some of us furs are fans of Sanrio characters but we are a small minority.
From The Cult of the Sanrio Reaches Santa Monica on Wall Street Journal.

Greymuzzles are we being ignored?

Recently I decide not to do away with Action but to express him differently as a bear in the Sanrio (Hello Kitty) universe. Over the last few months, I find myself drawn in to Hello Kitty / Sanrio Fandom because of their acceptance of me as an older male fan.
The big gripe I have with the furry and anime fandom is they are mostly young and tend to be stand offish in respect to older fans. I have not seen much hostility but I seem to be ignored; being a loner, being invisible at Furry or Anime conventions is not an issue for me. I do not fall into the mistake of try to act younger than I am. In addition, the young fans who cannot acknowledge the fandom has existed before they were born bother me

I have another fandom to compare with various fandoms. There are a fair number of Hello Kitty fans in their 30+ at Hello Kitty Junkies. At Hello Kitty, junkies I am only one of 36 male fans of 2566 registered. I am a player of Hello Kitty Online MMORG. I was invited to join the sailor Scouts guild, made of many players who played since the open beta of November 2008. My Hello Kitty blog was recognized as blog of the week at Sanrio town. Yes, I sue my blog to share not just my interest in Hello Kitty but to explain Furry Fandom to this outside Furry fandom. I get a much more positive response than furries and anime fans.

I not sure one can do anything about it. As I said, I am not going to act younger as a vain attempt to try to relate. I feel online relationships to furries and anime fans are distant at best.