Changes and Updates

I finished moving the old archive to it new page; it is not pretty but functional.
In addition I will be putting more attention to here and at Hello Kitty Junkies. My reason is I need to have better control of my postings, in case I need to archive them or if something goes wrong with the server or the company hosting the site goes bankrupt. In addition I hosting on a web host subscription I purchase and I refuse to allow advertising.

Portal of Evil zings again.
It looks like I attracted the interest of Portal of Evil again. The first time was because I am a Right of Center Furry now because of this site. Poor POE, being a furry who likes Hello Kitty doesn’t provide enough outrage [drama class=”sarcasm’] oh I am so disappointed see my one tear of disappointment [/drama]

My contention is outrage can only go so far before burn out occurs. My view comes from other anti furry sites and movements like LOL Furries, Burn Furs, Vivisector who are minor players or had disappeared. The only thing keeping Hello Kitty Hell going is he is a good writer.

On the kitty front I will be giving way some non Kitty plushies to Goodwill. I originally thought as a furry, I might fancy a bear related plushie collection but I am more interested in collecting Hello Kitty items than general stuffed animals. I know I become Hello Kitty fan when I star get rid of stuff to I have more room for Sanrio memorabilia and plushies. I also need to downsize my future purchases; I only go so much room for 18in + Plushies.

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