Catching Up On the News

Sorry folks if I seem to drop off. Without a Sanrio Store and the was not much to talk about all thing Sanrio until Now.

Sanrio 2023 Character Ranking results

As presented at Sanrio Fes 2023 Cinnamoroll with 1st place for the fourth straight year with 4,376,064 votes. Pompompurin took 2nd and my new waifu Kuromi took 3rd. Other finishers were Hello Kitty was 5th, My Melody 6th, Hangyodon, Little Twin Stars, Tuxedosam bring up the rear of the top ten. [Character ranking official page].

Cinnamoroll dominated the overseas ranking by capturing 1st place in nine of the 14 regions including China, South Korea, United States, Brazil, Italy, France, Australia, Singapore, and Spain.  Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin disproves the popularity ranking is base who Sanrio Sanrio promoted the year before. Still, I wonder if Kuromify the World promotion could with her catchy video has anything to do with her third-place finish.


New Item Two: He’s Back

After seven Years, Mr. Hello Kitty Hell released a post on his Facebook Page. This disproves my theory he hung up his blog for professional reasons, his blog about his dislike for Hello Kitty became a media sensation he never intended or wanted, or the difficulty of running atrocity tourism blog on one mental health. All I have to say is welcome back.

Three Years Ago

While visiting Hello Kitty Hell page in 2008 I left a comment on his web page I wrote:

“#66 Comment from Itakethefith
Time: June 22, 2008, 9:46 pm

I feel sorry for you and your tolerance speaks of your compassion and charter.
I am a male furry fan, my Hello Kitty Hell is knowing I can’t really tell anybody I like Hello Kitty plushies . I Finlay succumbed to the cuteness and bought a 20? Hello Kitty Plush to add to my plushie collection. I do not see it going any further. I wonder there are some similarities between Hello Kitty and Furry fans.
Keep up the good work.”

Update: I was wrong, I did not know how much she would take over my life.

In August 2008 I joined Hello Kitty Junkies. I had to confess I was not sure I would be accepted or immediately drummed out. I was afraid ether the mostly female members would think a guy who like Hello Kitty had alterer motives or was just creepy. I was soon relieved to find my fears were unfounded.

Three years and loving it.

PS. Congrats to Hello Kitty Junkies for reaching their 5000 member.

Tokyo Kawaii TV Hello Kitty Episode

While surfing the net I came across this site for Tokyo Kawaii TV Hello Kitty Episode. There more Hello Kitty Kawaii than one can shake a stick at. Most of I seen but amusing segments include: 

Fellow male fan:  13:04 

 Possibly outing of MR. Hello Kitty Hell: 13:38


Ok probably not, I do not think Mr. KHK would wear a Hello Kitty Man Shirt and the room looks like there would be no place for a Hello Kitty sleeping bag. Still the enthusiasm of the wife in the video gives credence that Mr. Hello Kitty Hell’s wife exists. 

Finally, a segment and offbeat design contest on Hello Kitty stuff for men. 16:41

Changes and Updates

I finished moving the old archive to it new page; it is not pretty but functional.
In addition I will be putting more attention to here and at Hello Kitty Junkies. My reason is I need to have better control of my postings, in case I need to archive them or if something goes wrong with the server or the company hosting the site goes bankrupt. In addition I hosting on a web host subscription I purchase and I refuse to allow advertising.

Portal of Evil zings again.
It looks like I attracted the interest of Portal of Evil again. The first time was because I am a Right of Center Furry now because of this site. Poor POE, being a furry who likes Hello Kitty doesn’t provide enough outrage [drama class=”sarcasm’] oh I am so disappointed see my one tear of disappointment [/drama]

My contention is outrage can only go so far before burn out occurs. My view comes from other anti furry sites and movements like LOL Furries, Burn Furs, Vivisector who are minor players or had disappeared. The only thing keeping Hello Kitty Hell going is he is a good writer.

On the kitty front I will be giving way some non Kitty plushies to Goodwill. I originally thought as a furry, I might fancy a bear related plushie collection but I am more interested in collecting Hello Kitty items than general stuffed animals. I know I become Hello Kitty fan when I star get rid of stuff to I have more room for Sanrio memorabilia and plushies. I also need to downsize my future purchases; I only go so much room for 18in + Plushies.