MSNBC and Democrats do a Joe Camel on Hello Kitty.

MSNBC and Democrats do a Joe Camel on Hello Kitty.
Once upon a time, there was an anthropomorphic camel name Joe Camel used in an add campaign to sell cigarettes. The Democrats immediately sized upon poor Joe, twisted the facts and accused R.J Reynolds of trying to sell to children. If one took a look at the ads it clear Joe was aimed at adults.

Now the liberal media and Democrats had turned their wrath at Hello Kitty in their press to pass Credit Card Accountability and Disclosure Act. I leave my objections aside except regulation has a nasty habit of backfiring on the consumer and my drive the poor to underground lenders, a boom to organize crime. What Rachel Maddlow did is a new low in story manufacturing and pres bias. She uses a sweeping generalization as in Hello Kitty markets to 10 to 14 year olds therefore there are marketing credit cards to 10 to 14 year olds. The flaw in this logic is Sanrio does markets to adults as well and a large majority of fans are over the age of 21. The fact she mentions showing the credit card but if she just click on Sanrio Luxe the New York concept store, she would see a line tailored for an older clientele. The card is defiantly aimed at older consumers not kids.

One thought on “MSNBC and Democrats do a Joe Camel on Hello Kitty.

  1. Hey, I am a Hello Kitty Democrat (as opposed to those Yellow or Blue Dog types). I would proudly use a Hello Kitty card. Best.

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