Hello Transgender.

or Male Hello Kitty fans caught in the crossfire?

I been thing how transgender issue are  popping up in the media from Caitlyn Jenner to transgender bathrooms.  My concern is  how all this will impact male  Hello Kitty fans who are not transgender. Will we  be left alone or caught in the culture war’s crossfire. I would not be surprised that there  are transgender Hello Kitty fans but not all Male Hello Kitty fans are LGBT.  Just because one wears a Hello Kitty  shirt made of a female, carries a hello Kitty Backpack, or sports a Hello Kitty wallet does not  make that person transgender.  For many of us we like Hello Kitty but make do with items  marketed  to women because  the lack of  Hello Kitty Men’s items.

What brought this up was a post I received  on my Hello Kitty blog. This person chastised   me with a wall of text, call me a narcissist, selfish  arrogant because I had a Hello Kitty bag and  wallet  but does not referred  myself as transgendered.   I may know this person . This person   had came across as  very immature, unlike other transgender people  I met in life. This person cam across as a self  impose activist who  need to identify people to their pet case, regardless if the person likes it or not.

So if anything; guys in wearing or carrying any Hello Kitty items  does not make one  transgended.

Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan’s Kitty Gate: Busted Disgusted and Can’t be Trusted

Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan’s Kitty Gate: Busted Disgusted and Can’t be Trusted


Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) is simply grandstanding over the hello kitty credit card.


“Senator Byron Dorgan on the Senate floor on Monday criticized card issuers, citing what he said was a marketing pitch by a major issuer for a pink, white and yellow “Hello Kitty” credit card aimed at children 10 to 14 years of age.” 


“I’d just love to know the person who thought this up and to say, ‘Are you nuts?'” Dorgan said. “What on earth are credit companies doing soliciting young kids to get a credit card?”


There problem with senator’s please diatribe is  its not true. I believe Mr. Dorgan argument is a classic Red Hearing in attempt to divert attention to the credit card by diverting and misquoting Bruce Giuliano of Sanrio, the actual quote was lifted from a 2004 press story concerning the Hello Kitty debit card


“”Freedom! You can use the Hello Kitty Debit MasterCard to shop ’til you drop,” the card’s Web site enthuses.  


The prospective audience? The young women who grew up with the 30-year-old icon — as well as much younger girls. “We think our target age group will be from 10 to 14, although it could certainly go younger,” said Bruce Giuliano, senior vice president of licensing for Sanrio Inc., which owns the brand.


Since only parents (or at least anyone older than 18) can sign up for the card, Hello Kitty thinks it’s a great way for adults to “help teach their children how to manage their finances,” Giuliano said. Next up, he added, is a prepaid Hello Kitty cell phone. “ (1.)


He does not even mention anything about the Hello Kitty Credit Card, which is different from the  Prepaid debit card; furthermore; I dose make sense, 10 to 14 is the age a child start receiving an allowance  and many parents are giving children prepaid debit cards instead of cash.



As for the credit card, all he needs to do was to go here  and notice one need to be 18 to apply  not 10 or 14.



The web site


Does this look like a 10 to 14 year old can apply?



MR. Dorgan  owes Miss Kitty an apology.  




1. Girls Go From Hello Kitty To Hello Debit Card

Brand’s Power Tapped to Reach Youth

By Caroline E. Mayer

Washington Post Staff Writer

Sunday, October 3, 2004; Page A01




MSNBC and Democrats do a Joe Camel on Hello Kitty.

MSNBC and Democrats do a Joe Camel on Hello Kitty.
Once upon a time, there was an anthropomorphic camel name Joe Camel used in an add campaign to sell cigarettes. The Democrats immediately sized upon poor Joe, twisted the facts and accused R.J Reynolds of trying to sell to children. If one took a look at the ads it clear Joe was aimed at adults.

Now the liberal media and Democrats had turned their wrath at Hello Kitty in their press to pass Credit Card Accountability and Disclosure Act. I leave my objections aside except regulation has a nasty habit of backfiring on the consumer and my drive the poor to underground lenders, a boom to organize crime. What Rachel Maddlow did is a new low in story manufacturing and pres bias. She uses a sweeping generalization as in Hello Kitty markets to 10 to 14 year olds therefore there are marketing credit cards to 10 to 14 year olds. The flaw in this logic is Sanrio does markets to adults as well and a large majority of fans are over the age of 21. The fact she mentions sanrio.com showing the credit card but if she just click on Sanrio Luxe www.sanrio.com/sanrioluxe/ the New York concept store, she would see a line tailored for an older clientele. The card is defiantly aimed at older consumers not kids.