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Welcome to The Lion Speaks my blog about my life and whatever is on my mind. Be warned I am very opinioned. This blog is not about just one item but about me and want I am doing.

Who am I

The best way to describe me is a 50ish single Black Male who live in Portland Oregon. I am a technician by trade. I am a devote Christian and Reformed and Calvinist in doctrine and Anglican in worship. I  have distaste for American style Protestantism especially the vision casting church growth movement. I am a convention geek, unrepentant Anime Otaku, Furry, Science Fiction, and a male Sanrio /Hello Kitty fan. I enjoy cooking especially authentic Asian cuisine, traveling  the world (I know the way of the backpack and Lonely Planet guide),  reading and a good port, micro brew, or Single Malt Scotch and a movie. I am a ham radio operator call sign KG7CSS.

Political I am a Libertarian Party member, unlike the modern day leftist I hold the ideas of Individual liberty, Capitalism and Limited Government. In a way I lean heavily toward Objectivism but realize I cannot call myself self an objectivist because I am a Christian first. I have left  conservatism and the Republican party over acceptance  of populism that betrays the ideas  individual liberty and  the rights of immigrants furthermore the social conservatism are statist to false teachers  who in the name of Christ come to close or outright Dominionist theology  heretics, Nowhere in scripture  we are called to a political campaign to tack back America . Our job it to proclaim Christ  has crucified and died for our sins and resurrected for  our Justification,  calling  all to faith and repentance in Christ .

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