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Burned out on Dinning out

I am doing something different from my usual political rants on my blog.  I right now was reading about the new restaurant featuring biscuits and potpies and my reaction was rater indifferent and maybe disgust.  I am realizing I start … Continue reading

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Time Flies When You Are Getting Old

I did not realize it until Monday, 30 years ago on July 1984, I step off a plane on my way to Yokosuka Japan where my ships USS Reeves (CG-24) and USS Midway (CV-41) were home ported . They were … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving for One: a Turkey I am not going to Serve

For the second time in a row I am going to spend Thanksgiving by myself. According to the internet talking heads,  I should: Beg a family to take me. Grovel and mourn how alone I am Go out for dinner … Continue reading

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Do Unto Yourself Before Doing To Others

For a change in pace I am leaving the world  of politics and talking about my other passion—food. Recently I attended a little gather and decide to bring some sandwich wraps to a picnic; I have not provided cooking for … Continue reading

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