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Threads I Just say no.

I was looking for reports, why Twitter is blocking me and others from viewing linked tweets without login in or creating an account, I was bombarded with post (I swore every major news was running the same attack story) about … Continue reading

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Internet Slowdown day and Netflix Temper Tantrum

Wednesday  of you have  not notice ( and peas should not bother), is  Internet slowdown day. A day for websites to act like a bunch crying two years old.  

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How Personalization is Wreaking my Internet Experience

Over the last few weeks I became frustrated with YouTube. My front page is full of listings of videos and channels Goggle thinks I am interested based on a faulty algorithm based on prior viewings. The problem is the suggestions … Continue reading

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This site is still up. 18 Jan 2012 I support SOPA

 From Wikipedia   Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge   To that I retort imagine a world where Knowledge producers are slaves.  Knowledge is not free because that is most valuable is what is produced by the mind of men. … Continue reading

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