Daily Archives: January 29, 2024

AI Art a Gamechanger

AI is a game changer. At work, marketing is switching over from stock photos to AI images. In the furry fandom It allows individuals a way to create their own Fursona without the limitation of gate keeping artist. I have use AI to reimagine Acton.  My reason is I am dissatisfied with the mediocre state of art in the furry fandom. I have grown tired of the quick buck chucks who have not gone pass pushing mass produced twentysomething looking, toony eyed, grinning, badge, YCH, and adopts. AI is going shake up or as in the Artist need to be better than AI (take an art class or an apprenticeship) or give a needed shake out easy money illustrators with a drawing tablet.

One fallacious argument that bothers me is that AI Art steals art. Tell me has any artist one day without seeing a furry, take pen to paper or digital pad and out pops a furry drawing. For most artists, the drawing of furries doesn’t not come without observing the art of others and nature. AI duplicates the Artist leaning and producing art process.

Finally, there is something artists cannot deny, the concept of Creative Destruction a market system. This is the concept as we Innovate, obsolete methods and job will go away or evolve. For example, an entire photo-film industry has disappeared, as society went from photo film cameras to digital cameras to smart phones.