Con Report Orycon 35

The Con: Orycon 25

The Place: Lloyds Center Doubletree Inn

The Dates: 8- 10 Nov 2013

Orycon is a Science Faction Convention in Portland Oregon. Both my big and Kiju Hello Kitty plushes were my companions.

Friday –Saturday:  In order to save some cash I decided to cut out Friday Night, I headed down just to pick up a pass for Saturday.   After my traditional pre-con breakfast at Hometown Buffet, I headed down to the convention space. I checked out the dealers den before heading out to the David D Levine and Nancy Kress readings. I got another picture of my favorite authors, Nancy Kress holding m y Hello Kitty Plush.  I missed everybody draws event because I had the wrong time.     The rest of the afternoon I went to readings, watched The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension and Gary Andersons UFO in the video room.  I went to  the  300 Years from  now panel; lucky I only had to stay for a half hour  before going to the William Nolan reading I went out to dinner then Space Nazi Must Die presentation, the panel had a two hour block but it was over in 15 minutes.   I went the rest of the evening at the AMV viewing and getting   goodies at the room parties before calling it a day.

Sunday: I got in missing the Christian SF panel because of the time putting the time during church hung around and went to Onions and Orchids feedback session, Religion in Genre Fiction and Science,  SF and Religion panel were interesting.   By that time everything was closing up so I went home and call it  a con.

The Good: it was a good to be there

The Bad:  There were no schedules the video rooms, the guy made excuses, yes there was a problem but how log does it take to print up something.

The Ugly:  The 300 Years from now panel; noting like a few pessimist and Global warming advocates to run a good idea of a panel.  A half hour of the time was wasted on Global Warming. It like they and IPCC haven’t got   meme there serious problem with the model.  For example if we are to see an 120 feet increase of the water level, it should come out to 4.8 inches, a year, something we  should have been see in the ten years of Global Warming alarmism.

Space Nazi Must Die presentation, giving a block of One and Half hours the presentation only lasted 20 minutes.

Putting a Christian SF panel at Sunday at 10:00am when most of us will be at church.

Even with it faults, I still had a good time and look forward to 2014.

I did not teak many Pictures this time around.

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