So This Is What Gremuzzle Looks Like

I have joined Live Journal in 2007 partly out of spat with Furtopia over treatment of conservatives and Christians. A spat long since reconciled. Recently my friend’s feeds became inactive as Furs ether left LJ for other social media outlets or left the fandom all together. As a result I close my live journal account.

This brings the issue about being an old timer in the fandom. I was in the fandom for now seven years. I watch furs come and go. The question is how to deal staying in when friends move on. This becomes more poignant when I get older. I see still being a fur when I am in my eighties, Lord willing. I will bring this issue up in the Outku over 25 panel do each year, a panel for older anime fans.

So how do one deal with growing older in the fandom when your friends leave?

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