Comic Book Wife Hate con Attendees and Digs Holes

a replay:

Ms. Dorman is off base blaming Cosplyers for her husband’s lack of sales. It sound like bad business planning is the problem. She need to do your homework, researching the market, figuring out ROI than scapegoating cosplayers. San Diego Comic con needs to have a name changed, it more about pop culture than comics, that is why I want to attend. I only had one and now only experience in attending a Wizard’s World, in Portland. My feeling it only exist to pimping celebrities for a price of a photo or an autograph. The panels except for William Shatner were dismal and the only cosplayers held any interest for me. I would never attend again. If I was in the comic business I probably not attend on as a dealer. As for launches an publicity the internet has change marketing not only for comic business but also other markets . No longer a company has to go to a trade show or comic con but have a media streaming event. Two examples are Funamation did not go to an Anime convention to announce Attack on Titan part 2 or Microsoft did not go to a trade show to announce Windows 10 but both had a media steaming event on the net. Finally the market has changed; the younger generation are on the internet are more multi-media. Think of the decline of books stores. Comic book are a niche market not served in big media or celebrity centric cons. A true comic convention or show could fit in a hotel’s ball rooms with rooms to spare. Her and her Husband need to change thier business strategy, more blogs and smaller shows, and social media.

Update: it seems the Comic book wife has a knack of digging herself a deeper hole. She never meant cosplayers but now fist attendees. She lost me after her f-bomb laded rant, (how mature (sarcasm)). I go to many Furry, Anime, Science Fiction, an multi-genre cons, Becoming just social gatherings is a big problem ,noting low attendance in video rooms and panels. Look at Kumoricon, the Anime con in Portland, which attracted 6000 but most panels attendance is a about 5% or less of total attendance. I head one time at Anthrocon, the largest furry con in the world at 5000+, invited the first Black Animator at Disney one year; he had only 28 attendees at his GOH panel while fursuit creation panel was packed. It a problem but no reason for a f-bomb ridden scapegoating rant. Dave Droman, please talk to your wife before she torpedoes your career and maybe your marriage.
Comic Book Wife Hate con Attendees and Digs Holes

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