Westercon 69 Con Report

The Con:  Westercon 69

The Place:  Lloyd’s Center Doubletree Inn

The Dates:  1st – 4th July  2016

Westercon is  a roving / regional Science Fiction and Fantasy  Convention. In 2016 Portland Oregon won the  bid to host  the convention.  This year, Gearcon, Portland Steampunk Convention. co-hosted .  I was very excited to attend a Science Fiction Convection in addition to Orycon.   Westercom  puts a different face on Science Fiction cons for me.  Both  my Hello Kitty plushies and Chococat were my Companions.

Friday:  Originally I was going  to commute to the  con hotel first thing in the morning, I was thinking  of long lines a la Kumoricon, but a few day earlier I got a request for a job interview.  I did the interview rushed hone, ate lunch and grabbed my Kiju Hello Kitty and headed for the bus and Max ride to  Westercon. We had 1700 attendees, not the 3000+ I was thinking of. I got to the site around  3:30 and was still enough  time to register and attend the  What the Furry panel to provide morale support. I also went to the  Ham Radio meet up and get some dinner before  dogging in and out of the viewing room and checked out some room parties before running out to the max train and making my bus connection home.

Saturday:  After a breakfast at Home Town Buffet, I returned to the hotel.  I caught the last of the fan film showing then went to the Good, the bad  and the Ugly Costuming  in Hollywood but was  disappointed that  they  stuck  to modern fantasy.  I loafed around until the Super Powered Television panel.   I checked out the video room and  got some dinner then did a Saturday Night room party crawl before hedging home by trimet.

Sunday: I headed  back to Westercon  after church, I had  lunch then  I went to Evolution of Fandom.  Again I felt  something was amiss;  that what should be an interesting panel seemed to go off track.  Then I finally  got to see Alexander Jams in concert; other times I ether forgot or was distracted by a panel.  Next up was Steampunk Author Readings 2 and The End is Now: Images of the World After in Popular Media before heading up to dinner  then returning  to prove moral support for the Furry Terminology panel  then  room  party crawl part two  to around 11:21pm before I took max and Uber back home.

Monday: Went back to the con Monday morning.  First up was watching the Mer Folks frolic  in the pool  during  the Mer Folk meet and greet.  Next up was the Spaceflight and Religion panel. I just eat lunch and lounged around until  7:00pm  when Science GOH Bobak Ferdowsi hosted the Juno mission view party.  Originally I was going to  stay only the  introduction but I stayed  to watch  successful  orbiting burn and  end broadcast at 9:00pm.  The viewing  party was  the last  and fitting end of a Successful Westercon 69.

The good : Mer Folk meet and greet and  being a four  day convention.


The bad :  the panels. some of the panels  were good, but my problem is how their were organized  at Westercon and  Orycon.  The  panels were organized   by programming unlike fan volunteering to do panels at Kumoricon and Newcon. The problem is I heard the panelist, with a puzzled face, ask why are they on the panel  too often.  Such mismatch, leading to a lack of motivation,  drags down the quality of the panel.

The Ugly: Lloyd’s Center Doubletree Inn’s  ever expanding no mask rules.  There been  a change of management . At  first they expanded  the no mask  without  telling Newcon two years ago. Last year attendees at Newcon only wear their mask in the meeting areas.  Now at Westercon 69  no maks could be worn except to  the masquerade. That means  fursuits and  Ryan Wells work would be out of the question. Good Job Doubletree! With that  and  jacking up the rates, Orycon and Newcon moved to the Marriot and turned the most friendly  fan con hotel to one of the most unfriendly.  At least the the Doubletree was not as bad is the down town Hilton.


In spite of the issues I enjoyed Westercon 69.  After attending  the writer heavy Orycon,  Westercon was a refreshing take on Science Fiction conventions.

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