Anime PDX2 Con Report

The Con: Anime PPDX 2

The Place : Crowne Plaza Portland-Downtown Convention Center.

The Dates : 21-23 July 2017

Anime PDX  is an upstart  anime convention  hosted by the  same people who brought us  NewCon . Travel Kitty, Kiju Kitty 1 and Chococat were my companions.

Friday and Saturday:

I decide not to take a day off Friday for the con; I picked up a rental car and head down to the hotel. There was nothing going on so I checked out the con space then when out for dinner. I return only the find that the late night AMV viewing was canceled so I stopped for the day.

Saturday I went out to breakfast then headed out to the con space. I caught the Cyberpunk in anime panel; the person did well even though he was short handed.  I checked out Lip Sync Battle Royale, while there were some good standouts, mot contestants seem to be the same old same old, do a dance, take something off, get off the stage.  I skipped the cosplay contest. Noting held my interest during the evening   but I did not want to go home for the evening, so I checked out INUYASHA!!! Sit Boy!! panel. Normally I look at cosplay panels as just webo bait but I was pleasantly suspired how good was their presentation and cosplay.  I even got into the act to ask a half demon Inuyasha about his opinion of Hello Kitty; Kagome had to restrain him. I decide to go home get dinner and stop for the day.


After church, I headed back to the con and helped a friend who ran the American cartoon panel.  I just hung around , did some shopping and  checked out  Ghost  in the Shell screening and  Sweet Improv Dance Challenge before closing ceremonies and calling it a con.

The Good : INUYASHA!!! Sit Boy!! panel

The bad :  Noting

The Ugly : Not the con but Uptown Cosplay. Yes, the people who run Newcon / Anime PDX have some problems, and you do not want be associated with them. That is your thing, but I you are going to tell me and others not to come, you better come up with some proof than a drama queen YouTube post. Well, 750 paid attendees did not listen to you.

While sparse with  the panel content, Anime PDX was a good first year con.

I wonder the reason for Anime PDX  is because  some fans could not attend a PDX anime con  during the school year, especially when Kumoricon had shifted its dates to October.

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