Rose City Comic Con Mini Report

The convention:  Rose City Comic Con

The place: Oregon Convention Center

The dates  7 – 9 September.

Sorry for the long delay but due to leaning  a new job I have not had the time to  put a full report. Also since I do not se much interest I going the keep things short.  All three of  my Plushies were my companions for the con.


I missed out on Friday due to end of  quarter and trying to keep up with the work load.  I got in late on Saturday  due to  the long line  to get in.  I missed The Doctor is in with David Tennant, but instead when to one of  Dr Erin Macdonald panel on time travel. She did three panels during the convention.  Sunday  Caity Lotz (White Canary), and Brandon Routh the Atom from Legends of  Tomorrow were my obligatory celebrity panel.

The Good: any panel by  Dr Erin Macdonald. Take one scientist, add  a Trekie and a lot of Girl Geek power and you have a recipe for  some interesting science and fandom panels.


The bad

The worst: The entry line  on Saturday. If you know you are going to have 15K plus attendees, perhaps you should have more than one entry point.

One  thing  I have to say about the celebrity events.  One complaint I had was how  celerity panels tend to be nothing more than celebrity porn:  see the celebrity ask a dumb question and   buy a autograph. This year the celebrities seem to try to make  the panels more  entertaining and engaging.

Overall I had a great time. Note photos are by creative  common license share them but do no change  them, sell them or  them in a derogatory manner.

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