Furball at Huntington Beach

Altercation leads to hype and biased and inaccurate reporting.

Once again furries in the news for the wrong reason. At a meet up in a “private area” of Huntington beach a group of furries were having fun until a person started filming them. The furries attend demanded the person filming to stop; the person refused and a fursuiter with a megaphone escalated things by blasting the person were recording the went further by hitting the person videoing the event over the head with the megaphone.

The altercation became The Whack Heard Around the World.

The media, both professional and amateur click bait hacks went out of their mind with taglines like “Furries beat up and hit neo-Nazi and pedophile with megaphone on the beach’, “

Voyeur mauled by FURRIES after he is caught filming their fetish group in Huntington Beach”.

Even Dogpatch press jumped in the fray hears a little snippet:

“Those are archive links to deny traffic for stories of conjecture and regurgitated, third-hand info. They do not care about accuracy because they have agendas. It’s implied that there was an “attack” on a random man for simply recording the group (but in fact, there were years of provocation by inside members causing a problem). Some of them wedge in malicious bias by mocking pronouns, using “fetish” innuendo, and for no sane reason, comparing furries to “street thugs” who do retail looting. There have even been beware in furry groups about right-wing news trying to get inside. To help debunk the fake news, Dogpatch Press can provide direct info with cooperation from people involved.”

The problem is Dogpatch Press is hypocritically engaging in the same “fake new” since it its obfuscation, use of third-party tweets from 2018, screen capture of past that do not prove his point and repped for the context and obsession with the Furry Raiders.

“A source from the Sunset Beach Bonfire event explained the fight (identity withheld for security.) “There were two people involved, Skaard (Nazi) and Renn (boyfriend to Nazi). Renn was the one who got bonked.”

Throwing the word nazi around does not make a Nazi Renn, Skaard or the furry Raiders have shown no   Nazi or neo-Nazi inclinations. I can say there for the record I was a member of the Fury Raiders from 2017 to 2022; I left on good terms because as a Chistian I do not wish to be a member of any 18+ groups. If there was any White supremacist or Nazi posting on the Furry Raiders it was trolls who plant post, then leave the group.

Screen Capture used by Dog patch to claim Skaard was a Nazi.

The  Furry Raiders contacted Renn, Renn denied ever becoming a member. Oden Wolf: while Oden was mostly wrong, he did brought up the point that Skaard admitted being a member of the Furry Raiders to spy on them as shown on screen capture Dog Patch Press used in his article. The capture was made in 2018. The screen capture also shows The Reformed Christian Apologist a Reformed Calvinist YouTube, Apologist, and street evangelist, with a good measure of geek culture. This gives credence to those who join the Furry Raiders to do research and gather information as in the case of RC Apologist before interviewing members of Furry Raiders. I believe it more credible Ren and Skaard may had an interest in the Furry Raiders, for a source of a troll / cringe video.

I have another take on what is going on. I often enjoy searching for Furry videos on YouTube. Recently I noted videos from narcissistic Video Shock Jocks provocateurs and trolls making videos of the escapades at Furry conventions. The script of these videos is mostly the same claimed of invading or crashing the Furry Conventions. They work in teams of two the the subject and accomplices who secretly video the stunt. Often to subject were provocative shirts or ridiculous costumes They will often harass including physically or ask Trolling provocative questions. Security confronts the subject and asks them to stop and leave. The subject refuses to stop and goes into full Gaslighting mode. Below is my rouges gallery:

What I believe was happening Skaard and Renn was trying to film a troll or cringe video. Someone tried to get Renn to stop. Fury with megaphone escalated things then in the hear assaulted Renn. I observed first how Renn was carrying on in hysterics after being assaulted. It seems too dramatic to me. I also noted in Oden Wolf video Renn was still videoing after the assault. Secon a photo that Furry Raiders podcast shows a photo of Renn in a Black Lives matter and other liberal slogans t shirt. The same shirt shown in the assault video. It is a shtick used by troll YouTube bloggers as a satirical attempt to fit in or to infiltrate the targeted group. In addition, the shirt is something self-respecting neo-Nazi would never wear, the picture seems staged for the audience.

I was going do a separate post on the epidemic of narcissistic Shock Youtubers making trolling videos in the convention. I believe security needs to be aware and have a plan in place to isolate, shutdown and eject these Narcissistic trolls.   

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