Con Report Wonder Northwest

The Con: Wonder NW

The Place: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Portland Oregon

The Dates:  25 – 26 May 2013

Wonder North West is a convention that is amalgamation of pop-culture subcultures. My Giant Hello Kitty was my companion on Saturday and Chococat on Sunday. 

Saturday: Did my customary pre-con breakfast at Hometown Buffet then headed down to the convention space. Because I forgot my camera and books I had gone back home and I missed Nerd Fight live.  I registered then check the space out. I spent most of my time taking pictures. I wanted to attend the Stretching for the Desk Bound panel but like the panel before it, the host was a no-show.  I spent 5pm watch Attack of the Titan Anime. I defiantly am going to put this one on my watch list.   I hung around until 8:00pm for the Bad Trivia for bad prizes event.  It is kind of witty instead of having a geek yard sale, use unwanted items for prizes; everybody wins, I got a bowl of lady watches, I think I can get a few buck for them on eBay.  After that I had dinner then caught some epodes some magical girl anime before calling it an day.

Sunday: Not much in the way of panels, I was at church during the costume contest.  I got to the convention site after lunch at Burgerville.  I did go to Podcasting 101 panel but lounger around until The Quizzical Empire Trivia event.  I went out for a dinner at a Chinese restraint I am fond of. Like repeat Newcon I ended watched a little anime and then attended the Geek Campfire event until I decided to call it a con around 10:30pm.

The good:  The price, $15.00 is hard to beat.  Bad Trivia for bad prizes event.

The Bad:  Panel no shows (gerrrr).

The Ugly: nothing

This year I felt the panel offerings were sparse but sill It was a very good convention. I have a few ides for Wonder NW 2014, including a furry 101 panel, a panel for being and older geek and tropes and plot device we like or drive us nuts.   

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