We Are All Queer Now Redux

Recently I got  into a bit of  a scuffle with Patch o Furr at Dog Patch press   over what I perceived  was an attempt to  coopt  furry fandom into  Bay Area LGBT culture by  declaring  SF as the furry Mecca . Usually Patch does a good job bring up stories, but he has at times have San Francisco  queer culture  myopic view which come across as declaring a generalization  of  furry fandom, in my opinion. .   I am sorry Patch,  words means things. When we look a the use of  idiom of Mecca  it can be a  palace of importance  that attracts   a lot of people  or a center  of importance people look to i.e. Silicon Valley as a Mecca of the tech world. I confess   I may be reading too much to Patch’s ranting of  SF being the fury mecca . Still I objected to it  and here was his reply in another column.

“This story is dedicated to furry friend Acton, a “conservative activist” and Hello Kitty collector who gets very upset to see these events welcomed by the community. He insists that he is “100% heterosexual”, and wants you to stop making him think about a diesel driving daddy bear cuddling up to read Hello Kitty bedtime stories with him. Express yourself, hun! This dedication is brought to you by the color pink, and the word Apophasis.  

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Why Fetish Expression in the Fandom

On another board, a fur a asked why those who engage in fetish behavior need to talk publicly about them.
The reason is a common thread within elements of LGBT and fetish subculture: this element or trait is exhibitionism. This minority in the Furry fandom not only expresses and identify themselves sexually, but the need to do so publicly and demand pubic approval. In some cases the need to shock, provoke, and offend others. I see a lot of this in gay culture. It is interesting a post asked same questions about Gay Pride celebrations brought up a similar issue.  Add to this a furry subculture that does not have very much in the way of structure compare to Anime and Science Fiction fandom, conventions, and culture. For example, both have restrictions and rules when and where adult behavior is appropriate. Exhibitionists are a small minority in any subculture but often the loudest.

I do not see this as part of the furry fandom, but how outside influences came into the fandom. In recent time, some are addressing this issue.