DJ Hello Kitty Stars in Ayumi Hamasaki’s Music Video

From Anime News Network


“Believe it or not, Ayumi Hamasaki and DJ Hello Kitty co-star in a music video together for Hamasaki’s new song “Feel the Love.” The video was shot on location all over Los Angeles, and it follows a lovelorn girl who goes all out to win a boy’s affections.”

The article can be found here.

Link to video

What is unusual about this version of DJ Hello Kitty is her eyes and earring in place of her unusual bow; it makes me wonder this is Dear Daniel and not Hello Kitty.

Mr. Hello Kitty Hell Comes Out of the Shadow

Some time amusing sometimes vexing (I am probably the same to him as a male Hello Kitty fan) .  Recently on Facebook he made a post and pointed a video of himself getting a haircut by his nieces.  It shows he has a soft side to him, but more amusing is this mean he will be coming out more like doing interviews.  He and Hello Kitty Hell is often  mentioned in books and lectures on the culture of Hello Kitty.