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Jobs Jobs Jobs

What does a republican debate and planning new I-5 bridge over the and the Columbia River have in common : Answer: the fallacy of government creating public sector jobs. First here in Oregone, Willamette Week, my favorite liberal rag (dammed … Continue reading

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26-121 What Fools These Mortals Be

Last week went out to yard sales after church and noticed. I felt it needed to be corrected. This is the worst of the worst in campaigning. First, it all about the children, “for the children” is a common liberal … Continue reading

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Portlandia: Portland Dream of the ’90s – Portlandia

Three is a new comedy show on IFC called Portlandia about a stereotypical LA couple moving to Portland. IFC released a promotional video called The Dream of the ’90s is alive in Portland. They get it right about the loony … Continue reading

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Another Reason Why I Want to Leave Portland

Oregon Police Officer Asked to Leave Vegan Coffee Shop The Red & Black Cafe is no place for a man in blue. Police Officer James Crooker was asked to leave the vegan coffee shop in Portland, Ore., last month, a … Continue reading

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