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What does a republican debate and planning new I-5 bridge over the and the Columbia River have in common :

Answer: the fallacy of government creating public sector jobs. First here in Oregone, Willamette Week, my favorite liberal rag (dammed liberal opinion board but still have great reporters), has and excellent story about how government over estimate the number of jobs by factor of 10.

The truth may be said the job count may be less than 2000. The major fallacy is many business already have the people needed for the project. It takes a while to train a person; the bid winning companies are not going just take a guy off the street give him a shovel and a hard hat and put him on a bridge crew. Most likely the business will shift a work crew from one project to the bridge this includes specialized skilled crews like barge operators and dive teams.

The above story is a great segue to my only annoyance about the Republican debate. Each talked about how their plan will create jobs. Let me be frank again, government does not create jobs only the environment for private sector jobs. This fist candidate that abandons this ridiculous line of job creation is the one I will vote for. It time to talk about regulation the inhibits job growth.

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