Internet Slowdown day and Netflix Temper Tantrum

Wednesday  of you have  not notice ( and peas should not bother), is  Internet slowdown day. A day for websites to act like a bunch crying two years old.



I find the argument for net neutrality chock full of hype, lies,  logical fallacies, and bluntly, without merit. What I hear  most logical fallacies of the slippery  slope, it will break the free internet, is  without verifiable poof, by activist do not  have any technical knowledge  on packet technology and how networks work . I bet without looking  they can’t even tell me the first layer of the OSI model.  I have worked the industry and I talking beyond just an IP address but network equipment.

Net  Neutrality  is a solution looking for a problem. Packet data has always  been prioritized, a email pack doesn’t need the priority  as a  video packet.  The way  packet technology  works  like  Highway  217.  The highway  gets its feed from  interchanges  (on ramps and off ramps) major arterial  streets and carry a wide range of traffic. Same a network backbone.   Now highway and the network can only handle  so much traffic.  There a point where demand exceeds capability   we get a jam like southbound 217 form Walker to Denny.

A lot of  the net  slowdown  is traffic demands   exceed capability. Now Netflix is acting like a spoiled brat. There want push more traffic (more 180  and 4K HD)  so  backbone providers  did   the numbers and said sure  but we have build more capacity  but it Netflix casing  the problem net Netflix  will have pay more. Netflix  balks and  went to the FCC, The FCC exceeded authority, and  now Netflix is having a temper tantrum that affects us all.  Netflix need to put on the big boy  pants, it is like  me having a fit because subway will not sell me a 12 inch  sub for the price of a 6 inch sub.

Of course with these activist  want is to regulate or should I say nationalize the Internet as an utility with price controls.  The problem is the history of such regulations; regulations  impedes innovation and investment.  A good example  is the French Minitel Videotext system.  While state of the art in the 1970 and early 1980’s it was eclipsed  by the internet, Minitel had hindered internet  innovation in  France.

“Internet service spread much more slowly in France than it did elsewhere in Europe or in the United States, largely because of the popularity of the Minitel, historians say. Only around the turn of the century did the Internet come to much of this soggy western region, an expanse of green that bulges out into the Atlantic Ocean.”( 1.)

The said  can be said of government  regulated  Internet, instead of an innovated  fast system Netflix would find itself in a slow but equalized  bureaucratic net.


A comment I posted to Forbs :

I like the idea of  definition of economics :  The allocation of scare resources that have attentive uses. The broadband back bone  fits this description.  These also something   you missed in your  description: as demand  exceed resources, speed  tends to slow down.  As highway  traffic increases  the more likelihood  of a traffic jam.  I suspect a lot of slowdowns are not because  ISP  are blocking content. It is not in their best interest when customers  will find a different  service or do without. The problem with net neutrality is like saying  to be fair,  ban HOV  lanes; therefore, everybody including Netflix   can sit in the same traffic jam.

Much of the argument I see is a lot of logical fallacies. Nobody is  braking the internet, and the net does not  give you the right to other people  property. Netflix is acting childish and irrational; l they think the solution is build more capacity but the providers should  foot the bill. It is like saying,  if I am extra hungry,  McDonalds has to sell me a extra large fries for the price of a small fires.


My response to Internet  freedom day: the net doesn’t give you right to my network.

You're  Banned from my net

You’re Banned from my net

If you  post  a counter  argument I will t ban because this net is  private  property.

  1. On the Farms of France, the Death of a Pixelated Workhorse Ny Times

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