Failed at Launch: Virtuality and Firefly

A lot of fan boys are complaining that Fox has thrown another “SI-FI masterpiece” to the dogs. I think Fox knew it has a dog of a TV show on their hands. After 15 minutes of Virtuality, I was wondering what in the frak the producers thinking. The main problem with Virtuality is it main plotline of mixing reality TV with the wonders of interstellar exploration a la Star Trek. The show could have potential to be a good show if it was not a fake reality TV show with all the dramatic and staged nuances. It is bad enough I have to deal with so called   reality TV but to have a fake realty TV show mixed in with “virtual reality” drama is too much for me to buy into. 

This brings me to another Fox dumped SF-FI fanatic supported show: Firefly. Thanks to I survived the first five episodes before saying no mas. Like Virtuality the show fails because it tries to mix Science Fiction with the old western movie shtick. The plot holes are huge.  First the show jumps unbelievably from 26th century space opera to 19th century Western and in one episode 18th century aristocracy, no time travel was involved. Second a plot line is left aimlessly hanging. On the first episode the crew of Serenity picks up pastor, a man and his daughter and companion without telling the viewer where they are heading and to get off. It like the writer forgot about the plot and arbitrarily made the passengers part of the crew. 

Both shows fails because the produce fell for a common mistake thinking a show success is based on few single elements taken out of context from previous successful franchises. Virtuality fails by taking elements of Star Trek and reality TV and Firefly attempts to mix Space Opera with elements of old west show like Bonanza and throw in rabid fans and astroturfing buzz.

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