99’s Redux Or Do the Left Really Want To Help The Unemployed.

From the Layoff List, a blog I starting to despise comes the news

“Today, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) introduced the tentatively titled “Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act of 2011””.

A better title is “Keeping the Long Term Unemployed Unemployable”. It shows how the left is more concerned about keeping people dependent on handouts than helping the unemployed to find work. Extending unemployment will cause more harm than good and is a meaningless gesture, especially in light of studies that show the longer one is unemployed, the less one is desirable by employers thus the more difficult to seek employment. Furthermore turning to charlatans like the 99’er union or Lay Off list and protesting will not increase chances to find employment.. I speak as a 40 Weeks and 6 Days before finding work.

In the same vain, a professor is rethinking 99 weeks. He points out 99 weeks is more enough time to retrain a person

• earn most or all of a bachelor’s degree if done at an efficient school such as University of Phoenix where courses are self-paced and/or in session all year rather than the lazy half-the-year calendar of a legacy university
• earn an MBA (1 year at a modern school; 2 years at a legacy school)
• become a competent video editor in Final Cut or Adobe Premiere (two weeks?)
• become a competent photo editor in Adobe Photoshop or The Gimp (two weeks?)
• develop reasonably fluency in a foreign language, even without an instructor, using tools such as RosettaStone (one year, possibly including a trip to Guatemala or China or wherever)
• start and finish an aviation maintenance degree and FAA certification (typically about 1.5 years)
• learn heavy equipment operation
• complete almost any trade school, e.g., plumbing or electrician
• go from zero computer knowledge to being a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer or a Cisco network engineer”

Another good idea this person has is to lump sum the last few weeks of unemployment compensation to allow the person to move from a state with high unemployment state to lower unemployment.
Another person points out military training, most job take only six months to turn a high school; educated young person off the streets and turn them into a skilled military worker. I was a fire controls it only took me 52 weeks form street skills to competent electronics technician. In order to bring down unemployment we need to reengineer how we educate workers; instead of turning to inefficient four years college, we need to

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