American Space Program: Failure is now the Only Option.

I am not going to watch any  coverage of  the last shuttle mission; I am  disgusted with all the gushing comments about NASA and glorious past with the shuttle. It all bullshit to me. The shuttle did not live up to its expectations, it was just another long running  boondoggle demonstrating of loss of American leadership and know how after Apollo. In fact, the time from Mercury to Apollo was just a 9 year aberration to the  40 year failure of the American Space program.

The seeds of this failure started not with Nixon but John F Kennedy. The seeds of failure were plated on  May 25, 1961; The problem is the moon program will be manly a government ran operation.  Missing was a greater involvement by private enterprise. The problem is much government spending for  programs is on the basis of what brings in  votes that American prestige and the public good.   The goals were lofty, for mankind and American but like all political undertakings which left the space program with a huge  vulnerability: Space Exploration does not  bring votes welfare spending does. I see this soon after the Apollo 11 mission; many complained it was too expensive to send  people into space, we spend this money on fixing earth. Never mind after 40 years the welfare sate a la war on poverty was even a great failure than the shuttle. It was not lost on me in the 1970’s even children’s cartoons like  The Super Friends preached how we were wasting money on the US space program.

Now fast forward to  Bush  (41)/Clintonera shuttle replacement program. The problem was typically government procurement monopoly with each of the many defense contractors competing with CGI presentations  chasing contactor gold  without producing anything tangible  The winner Lockheed Martian X-33.  The X-33 was abandoned in 2001.

Finally NASA without a real mission became a shell of its former glory. The like to take about how much technology  NASA has created but since 1980’s NASA are mort of a new consumer than net producer of new technology

The solution we need se more private enterprise in space exploration instead of chase for government  dollars. For example NASA need to take you fly we buy approach. Unlike  of the x-33 and now The Dream Chaser or Blue Origin, the wining ship design will be the company that will demonstrate an actual working space vehicle   by  taking thee astronauts in space for one day of orbits and bringing them home safely. The company must spend it own money developing a working flying  space vehicle and will be allow to sell flight to private interest

If US. and the world’s future space exploration to survive, we need to take leave of the old tired government ran space program and its inefficient procurement system.

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