People are Desperate Still Something Refreshing.

On Craigslist, the jobless and desperate plead for work

“”Hungry” is the headline on a Craigslist post fromPhoenix. InBoise: “I NEED WORK!!!” InChicago: “Laid off vet needs to pay rent.” In Little Rock: “Please help us!!!” InRichmond,Va.: “Need a miracle.” In Oklahoma City: “Broke girl needs help fast.” 

Craigslist, a network of online communities that offers free classified advertisements, is a portal into the misery of people who are struggling to find jobs. Posts from people who are desperate for work read like Haiku poems that detail hard times and fear.”

I found this post via one of my favorite blogs Titus One Nine that leads to an USA today story.  It is nice to seen some are trying to do something about being unemployed other than protesting Wall Street.  I am tired of all the blaming the banks and the rich, like that going help me find a job.  I will be in the same boat soon Unemployment pay only $222 a week and bills are around $700, not much for food. I need more.
I got a truck in Portland, need PC build and deploy,Xp driver problems, Comcast router set up I know Linksys and DD-WRT, EBay

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