Obama Fail: Giving Romney the Bird

By now most heard Mitt Romney point about want to test everything in the budget as is the program  it worth it to borrow more money from  the Chinese to pay for it; for PBS /Big Bird the answer is no; I agree with him.

Let is look and compare Big Bird with another famous Cartoon Charter.

Big Bird Vs Dora the Explorer

Big Bird Vs Dora Explorer

Big Bird Dora the Explorer
About Educational and Entertaining  leans toward education Educational and Entertaining  leans toward Entertainment
Promotion and toys Live show production, toy available  through  major toy stores Live show production, toy available  through  major toy stores
Net worth $300 Million (Children’s television Network) Over 1 Billion or $100,000,000 a year
 Government Subsidies  $8,000,000  NONE


Dora the explorer and Diego both do not take government funding yet put out an equivalent if not more entertaining product. Furthermore I do not see Disney’s line of shows feeding at the government trough.  Giving eight million dollars to Children’s television workshop makes much sense as giving the same eight million to a successful Wall Street Bank. Put Sesame Street on the block could generate a bidding war between Disney and Viacom. Productions firms can move Sesame Street and shows like Thomas the Tank Engine and other shows to Nick Jr. and other channels that cater to under five year old crowd. Look at another staple of PBS fund drives: Doctor Who: The new Doctor Who is very popular in the private sector and do not receive US tax dollar funding. Now add to the argument the growth of steaming videos via I-tunes, Hulu and Netflix; I say that PBS is becoming obsolete and unnecessary, and ripe for privatization. It time to let Big Bird migrate to the private sector.

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