How to Deal with Stupid Causes – Ignore Them.

How the 99ers shows us how to deal with dumb causes like Earth Hour.

Every Year on the last Saturday in March we have to deal with the stupidly of meaningless causes like Earth hour.  Since the first Earth hour, I have not seen any difference in the skyline than any other day. As I was looking though old post I made in 2010, I came across my criticism of the 99ers, you remember them the longtime unemployed protesting for tier 5. Where are they now?  During the period of 2009-2010 they were the darlings of the media. The 99er movement started to lose steam so they added % and became 99%ers or Occupy Wall Street until they evenly died out.  Eventually people saw though their antics and ignored the 99ers. The 99 movement eventually died out. Today many 99er and unemployment sites of the 2009-2010 period stop producing post in 2010 or died out.  The lesson here is the best response opposition to absurd protest movement is to ignore them; without notoriety the movement will smother itself to obscurity with by its own absurdity. The same can be said for Kwanza, and   Take you Daughter to Work day.

Now he it is in 2014, already some environmental causes are showing fatigue. I never realized Earth day was 22 Apr and Today is Earth Hour. As I looked at the media today, even the liberal one, Earth Hour is hardly mentioned in the headlines.   Today Mar 29th I not going to acknowledge Earth Hour or take part of the counter protest of Human Achievement day but treat today as any other Saturday. These silly causes will fade out or just become another entry at Internet Archive.

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