Conservative Room to Grow: Limited Government, Singles, Empty Nesters, Married no Children, Need not to Apply.

Recently the Conservative wing produced an over long, 120 pages, manifesto called Room to Grow. Looking at it   sound something that came out of and Soviet Union: to fix the nation economic woes we need to get married and have more babies. The manifesto panders to the middle class, bashes corporations, ignoring rich and poor, childless couples, empty nesters and singles. It hardly a prescription for economic grown but a perception for social engineering and expanding the role of government.  None programs mentioned in document promote economic growth: i.e.  lower taxes, lower spending and reduce the size and scope of government. Actually it does the opposite; it grows government in one area while claiming decreasing welfare and increases spending.

Most troubling is Bradford Wilcox: “Pro-family policies to strengthen marriage and give kids a better shot at the American dream” Mr. Wilcox thesis concerns the falling marriage rate.

“The retreat from marriage in Middle America means that the United States is in danger of becoming a separate and unequal nation when it comes to marriage, where the well-heeled have the material and cultural means to marry and stay married, and few other Americans can make good on their dreams of a happy and stable family life built around marriage. The growing divide in marriage and family life is problematic because the vast majority of Americans, including Middle Americans, still aspire to marriage.2 It’s also problematic because marriage remains one of the strongest engines of the American dream and one of the most important sources of social solidarity in a nation that otherwise prizes individual liberty. “

The statement is laced with the poison of collectivism with it concerns of “becoming a separate and unequal nation” and “most important sources of social solidarity in a nation that otherwise prizes individual liberty.”  Bradfords Wilcox’s brand   social solidarity is in opposition to individual liberty.

Mr. Wilcox missed what the American Dream is all about; everybody enjoying their rights to success by their fruits of their labor regardless of age, sex, race, marital status, family status and sexual orientation.  His plan would to support marriage by social engineering   wealth redistribution and based on taking wealth taking from the pockets of everybody else and giving to families. That is not the American Dream and Not the American way.   Room to Grow creates a separate and unequal society based on family status.

Robert Stein idea of Tax Reform is no bet than many liberal plans. Quoting Senator Lee’s plan:

“To help pay for the new larger child credit, Senator Lee would greatly simplify the income tax code, getting rid of all itemized deductions except for the mortgage interest and charitable deductions. He would also limit the deduction for new mortgages to $300,000.”


“Even more important, Senator Lee’s proposal does not simply reduce the tax rolls based on income. Instead, it reduces the tax rolls based on parenting. This difference is crucial. Some low earners might imagine themselves earning little for the foreseeable future.”

In this does nothing about job growth   because it robs singles and childless Peter to pay family with children Paul.  The plan is not just revenue neutral but economic neutral.

All is need to know about Carrie Lukas Labor, Tax Reform to help Parents Balance Work and family seem to be a shade of the socialist / liberal democrat play book. It is not the proper role of government  to “create an environment in which parents can pursue their vision for happiness and raise their children as they see fit, and target assistance to those truly in need.”

These program if enacted, would be ineffective in creating growth because it aim tax relief exclusively to married couples with children by shifting the tax burden to all other groups (Singles, married without children. A truly pro growth agenda would give a across the board tax relief especially to business and   entrepreneurs while running their business create jobs for all regardless of family status.

If anything this demonstrate the fatal flaw of conservatism; it never about promoting liberty and capitalism but protecting an idea of status quo if necessary, by big government. This is not the first time social conservative suggested a vile thing. A decade ago some social conservatives suggested a European style stipend for motherhood.  Conservatism Young Guns with the family obsession and immigration policies proves they are no friend of individual liberty or capitalism and must be opposed. It why am #conservatvenomore

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