I struck a blow for the free market and choice using Uber

You might have been reading the news how Portland city council begrudgingly gave in and allow Uber and Lyift to operate. I have often dealt with poor service and here are a examples: some time ago at 6th and Salmon on Sunday morning two months ago . The cabs in the queue ignored me for 15 minutes while I made it known I need a cab next in the queue. The smoke and joke break was more important. Three weeks ago I need to go on the east side, I told him he could take the Hawthorne bridge, instead he went the long way on the 405, I5. Then he got lost on the east side. He had no clue where to go. Luckily there was a Trimet bus that got me where I need to go.

Today I missed connection the 15 bus , so this I decided to take Uber from downtown to get to church at a reasonable time instead of going to the taxi queue on Salmon. I had to use a workaround for not having the Uber app, using the mobile webpage because I prefer to use my Windows table with a 4G internet than a smart phone. It took me eight minutes to call a car. The only glitch was the driver accidently put in SW then SE 60th. The car was clean, the driver was knowledgeable of the streets and it only cost me $13.00 compared to $16.50 by taxi (if the taxi driver drove honestly , most of the time they did not and I ended up paying more).
After years of having to dealing with poor service by cab companies Uber has won me over.

Update one of my Uber drivers was a former taxi driver. He just wanted to work for himself than a taxi company.

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I am just an average Joe living in the People Republic of Portland Oregon. I was a Republican Precinct Person for Washington County, and campaign volunteer. Now I am a IDKWIA (I Don't Know What I Am). I am a bible believing Christian who is Calvinist and Reformed in my theology and Anglican in worship and practice. My other interest are music (classical and world, Progressive Trance), drawing, and Fury Fandom, I consider myself a furry lifestyler.. I am a Ham Radio operator.
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