Gen X-ers Millennials or Siblings

In a recent article they attempt to define a micro generation of those born between 1977 and 1983.  The article is deeply flawed and is part of a greater issue what I call hyper generationalism. This is the mistake of defining the span of generations too short to even where one generation can have children declared as two different generations.  In addition, there is the problem of collectivism over generalizing the experiences of a generation.   It should not matter how fast things have changed, all the events and tendencies become that generation’s experiences.  In this case, if you parents are boomers you are Generation X and your children are Millennials. I felt the same micro generation mistake was applied to me born in 1960 when a writer tired to name us Generation Jones.

Now I do believe there is a phenomenon at the end  of every generation, that every generation  has a sibling group  where the members did not create the culture but had it  handed down to them.   Being born in 1960, I do not feel attached  to the Boomers but it is like when  the older sibling went to college, Vietnam, or the commune we were the ones who got the room, old clothes, magazines, and records, i.e. the Boomer culture  hand me downs.

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