A note Mr. Prager about his petition to Google.

Dear Mr. Prager, I understand what you are saying and agree this is a huge problem that Google can censor your videos.  However, I feel you are missing the real problem: falling for the siren of media companies like Google and Facebook who created mega centralize depository of media that gives them the power over control of media content and become a threat to free speech.

This was not the case; before the internet many of us got out information though a series of independent and networked (i.e. Fido) Bulletin Board systems.  There was diversity of decentralized BBS because all one need was a PC a modem and software like Wildcat.  One of my favorite was a BBS in Portland Oregon that was freedom of speech BBS ran by an anarchist who BBS rules were there were not any. If fun watching the communist and Neo Nazis go after each other and make fools of themselves.

Therefore, the solution is not a petition to centralized repository of content but a decentralizing of content on the internet, where on company cannot control. You may have heard of something called Blockchain, a distributed and decentralized database over many system s on the net. Information is stored on a node as a block with encrypted link to the next block. It is hard for one person to alter or change the block. A person or a company may control a node but cannot control content on the entire system.  In the end instead of a petition to YouTube Prager U, need to look outside to distribute their videos on the net.

As a final point, I will not publish this post on Facebook ,  but a link back to my Word press blog set upon server space subscribe.  Let me see Google and Facebook try to censor this post.

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