March for NOT Our Lives

I had a good debate during the March for our live or  gun activist hiding behind children day on Facebook.

My initial post .

When did Children trump the Constitution?

It cause a bit of debate. When my liberal friends says

“oh, right. the time of life when passions run hard is the time to give every kid a gun. Just rename schools as shooting galleries because that is what they will become.”

My response

“got any proof of your assertion by the way I was in JROTC in the late 1970’s at Academy of Richmond County Georgia. I even did the familiarity firing of the M-16 at Fort Gordon. Some even brought their own guns.”

Of course  this is what is really going on:

What going on today:
Think of the children
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Think of the children” (also “What about the children?”) is a cliché that evolved into a rhetorical tactic. Literally it refers to children’s rights (as in discussions of child labor). In debate, (like gun control ) however, as a plea for pity, used as an appeal to emotion, it is a logical fallacy.

Art, Argument, and Advocacy (2002) argued that the appeal substitutes emotion for reason in debate. Ethicist Jack Marshall wrote in 2005 that the phrase’s popularity stems from its capacity to stunt rationality, particularly discourse on morals.”Think of the children” has been invoked by censorship proponents to shield children from perceived danger.

In other words today we must allow an emotional appeal trump rights and rational debate about the problem of Gun Control and school shootings. For example, one evil person in Parkland shooting over 1000’s of law abiding gun owners or how Maryland shooter was stopped by a person with a gun.

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