Protest: the god of This Age.

Warning this video is not for kids,

I was thinking about the Free Palestine protest when I saw this post on Twitter. What is bothersome to me about this video, the Free Palestine protester, is the irrational hate and fever of the young protesters. It reminds me of the Black Lives Matter and subsequent riots,

Pundits I listen to say that the millennial generation aka the Nones are the least religious generation. I now disagree Millennials are not less religious, but their god is irrational anger, their sacrament is protest, their church is Social Media. Perhaps as one Lutheran Minister, who quipped on the fever of hate, has calls it   satanic.

This is not to say we cannot rationally debate our points about the Gaza War but what is going on today is something different.

I agree with Robinson about its time to tun off the TV.

For the record I do not think Israel had any choice. Cease fire in the past only allow Hamas to reequip then attack Israel. War is ugly but sometime there is no choice.

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