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The Revolution Was Televised

The revolution was televised. Looking at the data, Trump increased the Black, Asian and Latino vote compared to Romney in 2012 , I suspect from the blue collar demographics. Trump has flipped traditional pro union blue collar democrat states. The … Continue reading

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Election 2016 WWJD

Lest say I not happy with  the choices. For the fist time since voting for Reagan  in 1984 I will not vote for  the Republican. Every four years, the American evangelical  church is  infected  with a malady  called the Presidential … Continue reading

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Good Bye GOP Hello Libertarian Party

Between the fascist Trump, and  the populist conservative army  decimating  everything Reagan stood for and Hillary Clinton. There is only one  alternative party  I can register with. Don’t say I am voting for the lesser of two evils. I am voting  against two … Continue reading

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Trump’s Acceptance speech vs Reagan’s

Last week I took some time to listen to Donald’s Trump 2016 acceptance speech. In contrast, I listed also listen to Ronald’s Reagan 1980 acceptance speech. The differences cannot be any more stark. I see trump as a person who … Continue reading

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