Kumoricon 2014 Con Report

The Convention:  Kumoricon 2014

The Place : Vancouver Washington  Hilton and Red Lion

The  Dates:  Aug 29 – September 1.

Kumoricon is  a Anime Convention in Portland and Vancouver WA area. This was my six year attending.  Because it was a for day  con,  it was all plushies on deck; all my big plushies  had a day as my companions.

Friday: I got in to the convention area around  9:00am. The line for will call pickup was very reasonable. I looked over the schedule , this year the pickings were slim. I end up getting into  the line  for  Opening Ceremony. The ceremony was better this year.  I did very little than  take in the convention and attend  So, you want to run a panel before lining  for the ANV contest. The contest had a very good  line-up this year. The rest of the evening I was in and out  of the art room and the Anime  viewing  room before heading home.

Saturday:   Because of  a  recent  controversy conserving Hello Kitty nature, I created a sign for my giant Hello Kitty Plushies. It said I am Not a Cat but a furry to the amusement  of the attendees.  I watched some of the Pro-bending  tournament , think of it as LARPing. The Behind the Mike panel , probably the only good  industry panel this year.  To keep cost down,  made a picnic dinner then  and managed  get in on The Who’s  Line Is It panel. I did some art jamming before heading to Salute! A Nod to Military Anime before calling it an day.

Sunday:  Head  back to the con site after church, I attended  the   Attack on Titan with Patrick Seitz, Bryce Papenbrook and Christopher R. Sabat panel. I was disappointed.  I want more content than  a question and answer period. Still I love how Christopher put  a over enthusiastic fan  in his place when  Christopher world not  play along with  Vegeta over 9000 meme.  Next was on the list was the cosplay completion, again it have a very good line-up of skits and cosplyers.   She rest of the evening I  did art jamming or in the video room until the often rename panel. I left the panel,  not carrying for the excessive vulgarity and call it a day.

Monday: I had a case of the jitters I was doing    a back to back panels a one hour and thirty minute Otaku 25+ and The Furry and Anime panel.  The  Otaku over 25 attendance was down  perhaps it was the morning. I  had  a half hour  for final preparations for the next panel.  About 5 minutes before start of the Furry and Anime panel,  room was empty. I was thinking shades of Newcon and the panel was a flop, but the  staff who was  controlling the line up  came in and said it was ok to let people in;  I said  yes and was supplied to see  a flow of people stated to coming in.  The people were lining up for the panel.  I had  55 to 60 attendees , half were not furry. The pane  went  well and I had very good feedback.

I ate my lich and headed over for the closing ceremony. I Made my final walkthrough  of the convention space before head back home drown my post convention blues in curry rice and anime.

The Good; the  convention was well ran. I love the AMV contest and  Cosplay Contest.

The Bad:  Attack on Titan with Patrick Seitz, Bryce Papenbrook and Christopher R. Sabat panel, I was hoping for more information.

The Ugly:  The often Renamed Panel 18+ version, I was waned ; still I hope it was not going to be vulgar as it was.

Overall I had a very good time.

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