Furry and Anime –Approved

It a go! were going to have a furry panel at Kumoricon.
The panel is meet and greet and part open discussion of Furry and Anime

I am still looking for co panelist, one fursuiter for a demonstration and ides.
For example I am been brain storming :

(What is furry (or not))
What makes a Cat Girl Fury or not
Is Pokémon furry or not (Meowth yes Pikachu not so certain)

Other furry references
Holo Spice and Wolf
Wolf’s Rain
Outlaw Star
Blair from Soul Eater
Kyubey Madoka Magica (He creeps me out)
Polar Bear Café
Damekko Dōbutsu (Useless Animals)

What is furry fandom (note to me keep it short)
Differences and similarity
Busting myths
Crossover to other fandoms
Other resource and groups in furry,

Fumy history in Anime
(What is considered the first full length Anime is furry. The bad news is it was a WWII Japanese propaganda film.
You get the idea what I am looking for
So any other suggestions?

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