Newcon PDX 3 Convention Report

The Convention: NewCon  3

The Place:  Lloyd’s Center  Double Tree Inn, Portland Oregon

The Dates  2-4 Jan 2015.

Newcon is  Portland fan ran multi-genre convention.  This the third  year running. I took  Big Kitty Friday, Kyju Kitty Saturday and   Chococat Sunday plushies.

Friday: I arrived later than I wanted to and missed the opening ceremony . There was not much in the way of panels  that interested me on Friday.  I hung around until 3:00pm to  attend the AMV contest. It great to see Guy back at the helm.  Then I went to  the  Defining Steam Punk Panel.  I duck in and out  of the Video room and  in to Main events to catch   a few songs by Batmainia; a local band that played original and cover songs dressed up in Batman  / and a Batgirls costumes ; very appropriate  for  Newcon.

Saturday I head back  to the  con hotel early and had breakfast at the hotel.   First on the list was Creature Creation with Ryan Wells. Ryan is a fantastic cosplayer  and customers. His works look like a it was built by a professional experienced    film and TV  costume and prop builder but many of his works were often  the first time he attempt it.  Then it was to “Watch this, Not that”  and gun gaffs panel.  I also lounged  about talked to many other fans and  taking in the convention.  For  a group of amateurs  the anime  science fiction theater 3000 was well done. I ordered pizza and  hung around  for the  AMV showing to late  night before heading home.

Sunday :
After church headed back to the  con hotel after lunch.  Today was more like  squeeze much as I can out of the convention . I attended   one panel on patents  Jason Trost screening How to Save Us, it was an interesting    independent  horror  film even though he biffed the soldering scene.

The good: being back at the con scene after missing Orycon and Rose City comic con

The bad: just a minor hiccup at registration on Friday. A minor quibble is we need more   non anime content.

Newcon’s growth shows that  the convention has attracted  interest in the anime and geek community in Portland, demonstrating the need for a multi-genre fan base convention.  I look forward to Newcon 4.



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