2015 Con planning

With  Newcon done, time to  plan for the rest of the year

Furlandia  (furry)

Gearcon  (Steam Punk)

Kumoricon ( Anime )

Rose City Comic con

Orycon (science fiction)

Newcon 4.

Long shots

Sasquan  2015 World Science Fiction Convention


Panels I plan or think about submitting


I plan to  bring  from  Kumoicon , Furry and Anime panel

Another panel I think and panel  to do is “ Beyond the furcon:  being a furry  at  other  conventions and  geek communities.  As you see I go to  many different fan con a year. This we discuss stepping out  and  being fur at other conventions  and  geek communities. I am looking  for  other furs  who attend other cons like Radcon, Sakuracon,  Norwescon, Ever ree NW, and other NW  fan conventions.  I am so look fur who are also involved with Anime, science and Steampunk communities. How does  one integrate furry  into other communities.



Otaku Over 25, a panel for  older fans. I have one recruit but looking  for other especially in planning and topics. I real need more than  filling a seat on a panel.

Furry and anime 2?

Newcon 4

Explaining Furry.


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