Furlandia 2015 Con Report

The Convention: Furlandia

The Place: Sheraton Hotel Portland Airport

The dates: May 22-24, 2015

Furlandia is  a  furry convention now in its third year. Both My Kaiju  Hello Kitty ,and Chococat plush were my companions.

Friday and Saturday: Not much in the way of panels I wanted to attend except for my own  Beyond the Fur con and Fury and Anime.  I did go to part of Repo: The Genetic Opera out of morbid curiosity but it did not show much media. Still I was very tired Friday to where I feel asleep in my car after parking at home. Saturday after my traditional fuel-up breakfast at  Home town  Buffet.    I headed  back and did  contribute to the Have you come out as Furry panel?  I did  a lot of socializing and  enjoyed having  the Joker of the True Joker Show at our convention.  It was nice talking to him at dinner, getting  know a person  new to furry fandom, but  like me goes to many of the local conventions.

Sunday: Not much to do except try my hand at Star Fox and the closing ceremony. I did bought a  book and an art poster.

The good having a local fur con, having being blessed by the Jokers attendance and the hotel service was outstanding.

The bad: again I felt the quantity of panels  were sparse.  It a bigger problem than Furlandia, in which deserves a separate blog post.  Second a  pirate theme and  Furlandia did not invite PDX Yar?  Finally perhaps because of a lack of evening events the con seemed  to petered  out around  8:00pm each night I only seen a small number at the dances.

Even  with its  faults, I still enjoyed Furlandia   and  hope for a better 2016.

As with many of my pictures, they  are covered by a creative commons license . If the owner want an unmake copy please contact me.

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