A Tale of Two Mini-cons

Time to catch up on my convention going post.  Last two months I as attended both Kumoricon mini-con and Newcon Mini-con. Both were at the  Lloyd’s  Center Doubletree Inn.

Kumoricon’s mini-con was held on 27 June 2015, at  the Infamous  Exhibitor’s Hall, know for it poor ventilation, during Portland’s  heat wave. It was  hot and stuffy yet everybody was in good spirits.  The hall was section off  into lounge, cosplay / karaoke  stage , video area, games, art  and manga  library. Guy did the video area and set up his ham radio.  The convention  was also a way to test  the new registration  system. Judging by the long wait Kumoricon still need to work out the kinks.   I stayed  at the con space until chased us away  at 10:00pm.

There was  the Portland  International l Beerfest  at the park next to  the hotel. Normally  I askew beer festivals hearing  how Oregon Brewers Festivals  reputation for being crowded and long lines for beer. Seeing nether  I use the festival as a reprieve form the stuffiness of the con space, sampling  various IPA beers. I am fond  of a good  Imperial Pale Ale.

Newcon’s  Mini-con was held on July 25, 2015  but using the upstairs meeting rooms. They had a main stage, panel room and dealers’  den.    The was not much in the way of panes that interested me,  a little too much  in the way of anime. Still there is some hope  as it was announced how the big  Newcon cosplay contest is open to other media outside Japanese Anime, including games, American cartoons,  movies and more.  Still I had a great time until we were chased out at 10:00pm.

One thing was a mission any friend  who was  the missionary in charge at the Christian Serviceman’s Center, in  Yokosuka Japan, who I haven’t seen since  1988 visited me. We met at the hotel during Newcon’s mini-con; he was amused  at all the cosplay.

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