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Newcon Is No More

It only took 24 hours:


From Michael Anderson, Director of Newcon:

I have to announce that Newcon 6 is cancelled.

“Since 2011, Newcon has tried to give the area an inclusive convention that dips into subcultures beyond just anime and pop culture. Our amazing staff and attendees have made every year of Newcon an exceptionally fun experience, and I am heartbroken that we won’t be able to continue the tradition.”

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Newcon Con Report

The convention: Newcon 5

The Place: Marriot Waterfront, Portland Oregon.

The dates: 30 Dec 2016 – 1 Jan 2017

Newcon is Portland Multi-Genre con. Both my Big Kitties and Chocat were my companions,

Friday: I pack up my badge on Thursday learning from my mistake last year. I missed the opening ceremony and head to the panel room for my first panel I hosted, “Media Pet peeves: The things that writers, and producers do that drives us nuts.” It was well received. After I was done I rove around the space until the Nerdcore Hip Hop History w/ Mega Ran panel and How to be Successful on YouTube w/ Mr. Creepy Pasta .The video room was not set up so I checked out last of the acts during Open mike then ate dinner and attended Scary Stories w/ Mr. Creepy Pasta to see what the fuss is all about. Then I called it a day.

Saturday: I decided to take breakfast at the Hotel then set up for my second panel Furries of the NW Newcon edition. props to Chimichanga Fix for helping me out. I checked out the end of the Lip Synch Battle and the more G –PG Creepy Pasta Story time w/ Mr. Creepy Pasta, Then I check out the rest of the Cosplay contest before going out for dinner. Thanks to KGW hype on the weather I went home at 10:00 thinking I would be stuck . But after realizing KGW Weather team is full of it,   it was just bull, I head back to con space with my travel Hello Kitty and went to Drink & Draw in the New Years which had no drink and ended too early. So I went to the rave to ring in the New Year before heading home. and drop off the car.

Sunday: if the weather hype was not enough the Weather people was wrong, I took transit after church, went to Mod Pizza and back to the Hotel . The panels that interested mw was Janet Varney and the Johnny Scotch Music. I just hung around after that till closing ceremonies

The Good: Another great fan convention .

The Bad:   Drink and Draw ending early, video not up and running.

The Ugly: nothing

Newcon is growing to be an important asset Portland geek community I hope it the con it will grow more diverse covering more than just anime.


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Anime PDX Mini Con Mini-Report

Anime  PDX was a one day event, sponsored by Newconpdx  and   on August  6, 2016 at the  Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront.  I left a little latter because There was not much in the way of panels that interested me.    I brought my Kiju Kitty two to the event.  I still had a lot of fun and attended the Anime Game show panel and the rest of the Lip Synch Battle event.

One the biggest news out of  Anime Pdx is next year Amine PDX will be a full blown three day Anime convention. in 2017. I asked the Chairman about  will it saturate Portland with another anime convention; he made a good point about need a summer con, after  the school year, especially  Kumoricon moved to the fall. Then again Newcon has a heavy Anime  presence.