Newcon Con Report

The convention: NewCon

The Dates: 15-17 January 2016

The place Lloyd’s Center Double Tree Inn

Newcon is Portland’s Own multi-genre geek / nerd convention; even through it was a bit too tilted towards anime. Chococat was my companion on Friday and Sunday, Hello Kitty on Saturday.

Friday and Saturday: I decided not to take a day off on Friday, but because of my misunderstanding and a miss communication , I got to the con as registration as it was closing. Mindful of Mewcon I decide I not going to ghost the con, so I checked out where everything was at and written off Friday and went home.

Next day I did my traditional pre-con breakfast and head out to the con hotel and picked up my badge. There was no viewing room so I sat in on a tutorial of Krosmaster: Arena by Japanime Games. Then I attended Defending the Star Wars Prequels. The host should get an award for presenting his panel in cosplay as Count Dooku. My panel defining furry was next up. I made a decision after taking to my co host last time I did this panel and paired the info do a bit, maybe too much; I petered out at the end. Still many enjoyed it.   Next was another reinvent panels concerning Cultural Appropriation Vs. Rule of Cool. I attended the bad trivia for bad prizes event. I tough of staying late for creepy pasta’s reading but it was getting late and no amv showing so I decided to call it a day.

Sunday: head back to the con area after church and caught Slants panel, especially I wanted to hear their take on their court victory over the patent office. Not much going on so I went to the end of the lip synch battle and then the feedback session before calling it a con.

The good : Nice to have another convention

The bad: too leaning heavy to Anime, lack of a video room

The Ugly: Nothing

While there were some hitches I still enjoyed my time at Newcon, I still have some concerns that Newcon does not become just another anime convention but multi-genre like Radcon. I look forward to Next Year.

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