Kumoricon 2016 Con Report

The Con: Kumoricon 2016

The Place: Oregon Convention center

The dates  28- 30 October  2016

Kumoricon is Portland’s premier Anime convention. This  year, Kumoricon became the second geek convention to  moved into the  convention center. My 26” Hello Kitty was my companion on Friday, My Kigu Kitty on Saturday and Chococat was my companion on Sunday.

Friday – Saturday:

Because I started a new job, I  decide not to take  ether PTO or unpaid time off.  I picked up my bandage on  Thursday. There was  not much in the way of panels I wanted to do  on Friday so I just hung around until late and went home.

Saturday,  I got  to the convention center  9:00am and straight to  my panel room  to set up form my Otaku 25+ panel ; we did have a smaller number  due to the early morning  panel.  Fans on the Job, a panel about  being a geek and work,  was next. Sadly there were  only two of us at the panel.  Next I was off  to one  of few  industry panels at  Kumoricon put on by Studio TRIGGER.  The move to October allows Kumoricon to attract guest from Japan other than  the usual  Funamtion, Dark Horse, and  American  voice  actors.   This year I  attended the Coplay contest. Then  I heeded out for dinner  and got a parking ticket because they changed the rules to prohibit restaurant parking. I went back  to the convention center, there was not much in the way of  non 18+ panels but I did get to watch ¾ of  The Beast and the Boy.  I headed home after that.


I rush down after church but only found  that the  Lost in Translation panel was canceled. I just shopped around bought  an item , hung around with my fellow furries, and  sat in to watch the AMV contest winners  and closing ceremonies. I made  my way to the rant and rave before calling it a con.

The Good:

The conventions center was roomy and  the dealers den  and gaming  best  presented compared to all other local  cons; no more parking lot dungeon. Not competing with Ox Fest at Ester Shores park.  Having special  guest from Japan

The Bad:

Prices was high  see my Rose City Comic Con report

The Ugly:

Getting a parking ticket; I did not know there tighten the parking regulations near Lloyds’ Center.

I was one of the skeptics when   Kumoricon  announced that the convention was going to move from Vancouver Hilton to the Oregon Convention Center in October during a school Year .  I thought  the convention would have a  decrease in attendance. Not only was wrong,  the paid attendance grew to 7030. I was pleasantly  proved my wrong. All I have to say in congrats  Kumoricon.

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