Rose City Comic Con Report

The Con: Rose City  Comic Con

The Place: Oregon Convention  Center

The Dates  10-11 September 2016.

Rose City Comic Con is  Portland  Own  Comic Con  and Media Conventions. I took Chococat with me Friday and  Kiju Hello Kitty II on Sunday.

Friday and Saturday: I Went to the kickoff party  down town Portland on Friday. I wanted  to get to  the convention site Saturday without having to  wait in line. I got a free beer sample and  listed to a songs from a band that was part Rock and Nerdcore  rap.

Saturday I got up later than I wanted, head down to the Bear Dinner for breakfast before  heading out to the convention center  I missed  the Behind the scenes : Vintage Tomorrows panels but I did  catch my only celebrity panels   the  Min-Na When  of  Agents of Shield fame.  I was disappointed the host went straight to  questions, but MS  was still entertaining. One thing I note  Ms. Wen’s  personality is totally  the opposite of  her portrayal  of  agent  Melinda May.   I just hung around took pictures and  caught some of the lip synch battle  before  getting dinner than attending the  Cosplay contest.

Sunday  I  did  the voice  actors panel then  The Important  Of Fandoms panel. I spent the rest of the time  buying a  sketch   of cover art by Keith Tucker and  watch my fellow furs  have fun fursuiting the convention before Rocs City Comic con chased  us out at 5:00pm.

The good  having another convention to go to.

The bad: I wash there was more content at the panels, not just the starts but writer of shows and more behind the scenes look. Perhaps a few industry panels.

The ugly:  Food prices at the con or as I call it The $9-$10 dollars con. Give me a break. Ok you invited a few food carts, but pleas $9 for  a $6 burrito. What with Ninkasi Brewing, I like the free beer ion Friday but  $9 pints at the convention and not to be outdone  and the  Oregon Conventions’ catering was selling  10 oz bottles for $9! at the cosplay contest.  To prove my point I got a 22 ounce Total Domination IPA for $3.48 at Winco. What a rip-off.

I was originally  going to make this year my last Comic con style convention but I still had so much fun I will be back in 2017.

Click picture for larger version All pictures are covered by a creative common license. Use then but give me credit do not sell them or change  them or use them in a derogatory manner  to cosplayers and convention attendees.


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