Fake News Antifascist Witch Hunts and Left Wing Protest

There been a spat of fake news concerning  so called right wing elements in the furry fandom .  The report was constructed around a few member and tweets instead of serious investigative journalism. I dare say Motherbod has much credibility as Alt-Right and that is not saying much for ether. There no corresponding report in establish news media or mention of alt-furries  in overtly White Supremacist sites like Stormfront.

Controversial interest in social groups such as Nazis, and Soviets culture exist in both furry and anime fandoms  for years.  While using the aesthetics nether group was politically National Socialist, Communist or racist.  I only meet one German neo Nazi who happened to be a fur in my ten years in the fandom.   Only now is has become an issue by the obsessive anti -Trump rhetoric by the left.  This does not mean furry fandom being invaded by fascist or communist.

More disruptive   to the fandom is  the  antifascist witch hunts and calls for protest  by both Patch at  Dogpatch  Press and    Antifa.




I do not see co-opting  the fandom  for one’s  political cause has any redeeming value in the fandom. In this  time  of hate  including punch out those who you disagree with, and  calling for  overthrow of our government, the fandom has  been an island of tolerance when an LGBT counselor and chairman of  RAin,  and  a Libertarian, Conservative Reformed Christian who is a former  Republican and former support of the Religious Right, can have a  civilized discussion about fury fandom even though our views  at polar opposite.

I want it to stay that way.

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