It Finally Happened

It finally happened; a pedophile baby fur fetishist in the fandom finally gets caught for soliciting a 15 year old.

First of all not all furries are sexual deviants, we do have a small minority and they have a knack in getting all the attention. The dark secret of the fandom is our non judgmental attitude and moral relativism that has permeated society. The problem is when the fandom tolerates every fetish that come along without question or limits eventually somebody will push the envelope until we have a pedophile baby fur soliciting sex from  a minor. Once the fandom tolerated the Adult Baby Diaper Lover community, eventually one person took a sign to push the fandom envelope to pedophilia.  

It is not that fetishism in furry fandom happened in a vacuum, but reflects our modern moral relativistic culture in America.  It more about what your average teen and twenty something  brings in to fandom from the classroom or MTV rather  than being something caused by the fandom. It my hope that this incident and resulting anal exam of the fandom opens some eyes and realize we can not be open to every fetish less we drag down the fandom.

PS Alan, don’t drop the soap.

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